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A Report On Systems Design

             Systems design is the creative processes behind providing a very descriptive solution to one or many problems. When looking at the System Analysis Life Cycle we can see that in order to achive an optimal solution most of the work should be completed in the Analysis and Design Stages (Notice that these stages are some of the first to be undertaken).
             Types of Systems Design.
             Conceptual and Technical Design.
             Conceptual Design: What.
             Technical Design: How.
             Simple Design Versus Detailed Design.
             General Design Concrete Design.
             System function Design effective input.
             System processing ways Design effective output.
             Size and scope Design files, tables and databases.
             System structure Design user interface.
             Hardware and software Design procedure.
             General processing flow Design KB and inference engine.
             System schedule Design networking.
             Things to be considered when attempting to model a problem.
             Capable of solving real world application problems.
             Meeting the requirement of real applications.
             Easy to use.
             Easy to get information from the world.
             Easy to exchange information between the system and the user.
             Easy to acquire knowledge and data.
             It is feasible to expand or to reduce the function and the scale of a system.
             Easy to add or modify the knowledge/data in the system.
             Time Effective and Effeciency.
             Capable of providing a solution in an acceptable time.
             Computationally efficient.
             Reliability and Robustness.
             Stability of the system.
             Security of the DB/KB.
             Protection of the system.
             System design includes many issues. Major consideration should be taken when deciding on:.
             1. Outsourcing.
             2. Source of software.
             3. Hardware manufacturers.
             4. Software producers.
             5. Enterprise solution software.
             6. In-house development.
             7. Choosing software.
             8. validating purshased software.
             9. Implementation Issues.
             10. organizational issues.
             At the core of systems analysis is the collection of information.

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