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Construction Industry Ethical Practices

             The construction industry is one of the industries that are prone to widespread unethical practices. The common unethical behavior revealed by contractors are poor documentation, unfair treatment of contractors in tender account negotiations, cover pricing, subcontractors lack of safety ethics, bid cutting, late and short payments, competitors overstatement of capacity and qualifications to secure work, government policy, and competitors falsification of experience and qualifications and bureaucratic (Ross, 2012). To reduce the blunder of the ethical subject in the construction industry, the proposed resolutions are split into long, medium, and short term categories formed on the program time frame. The conclusions give important information to shareholders on how to tackle stressing ethical issues challenging the construction industry.
             Construction Industry Ethical Practices.
             What impact do unethical practices have on the industry?.
             The construction industry is rated as the most vulnerable to unethical exercise as it involves valuable capital investments hence, provide large scale chances for rent withdrawal. Unethical practices can take place during project operation and execution and maintenance, planning and design, prequalification and tender of construction project. These practices result to overpriced, unnecessary, overlay complex components, and unsuitable projects (Ashworth, 2013). Unethical practices have effects which have lasting influence harmful to engineering and construction companies which include increased project costs, tendering uncertainty, blackmail, fines, economic damage, wasted tender expenses, criminal prosecutions, reputational risk and blacklisting. Unethical practices by construction industry groups influence the level of projects. Statistics obtained from construction sites show an increase in unethical practices will lead to a decline in the level of project presentation.

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