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Business Environment Case Study

             International clothing firms tend to move their manufacturing firms to less developed countries as this will reduce the manufacturing cost and would therefore increase their global competitiveness. However the hidden secret between this phenomenon is that factories will actually take full advantage of the safety conditions and the workers rights. For example factories will expose to hazardous chemicals or dangerous machinery in order to reduce expense cost. This act is extremely irresponsible as it does not respect the human rights of the workers. International firm should take up the full responsibility for the safety conditions and the rights of workers at any circumstances.
             Firstly, employers must find and correct safety and health problems. For example firms should avoid the use of corrosive chemicals and materials during their production stage because intense use of these substances can lead to a serious health damage to workers. Workers are the main asset of one's company, therefore firm's should be held responsible and should ensure that the safety condition of the workers are at it's best quality. By no means that it is acceptable for international companies to neglect the working environment and the human rights of the workers. International firms should follow the restricted guidelines globally and promote the working conditions for it's employers. For example The Occupational and Safety and Health Acti of 1970 was passed in order to prevent the workers from bad working conditions. It is clearly stated that employers must use varies methods to protect their employees. International firm are not exceptional, even though the law may not be passed in some less developing countries however the firms should respect their workers and try their best to protect the rights for them and provide an optimal working condition. .
             Secondly, firms should avoid sweatshops in business. Sweatshop is defined as when firms violates the human rights of workers by providing poor working conditions, low wage and benefits and child labor.

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