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A Case Study on Finolex

             Finolex is one of India's largest conglomerates, it is one of the largest producer of pipes cables and resin in the country. They have used several aspects and features of their business environment for their development while others are responsible for their detriment. Factors such as the political atmosphere have made manufacture more expensive for them, while others have made exports cheaper for them.
             • PEST Analysis.
             • Finolex industries limited (FIL).
             • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).
             • Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) .
             Diversification and innovation.
             1. Introduction.
             Being a leading business conglomerate, the Finolex Group has displayed keen business intuition and innovation. After a comprehensive, continual study of the demand market, Finolex has diversified its interests into various fields including Petrochemicals, telecommunication, irrigation and even education. Their products have been made easily available through a well-established extensive distribution network. .
             Since their genesis, in 1957 they have continually been adapting through diversification. Prahalad and Kishan P Chhabria first diversified from distribution of electric cables to manufacture of them as well as distribution after receiving a sizable order from the Defence Department in Pune. .
             Today the group has a turnover in the excess of 4000 crores, with manufacturing facilities in 11 states. The brand name is synonymous with gold-standard quality.
             2 Objectives and methodology.
             Over the course of making this presentation, both primary and secondary sources of information were collected. However only secondary sources of information were used. Secondary sources of information include other research papers, magazines, case studies and basically whatever we could find on the internet.
             2.1 Objectives.
             The primary objective of this report is to present a SWOT analysis of the Finolex Group.

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