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Case Study

             Upon reading this case study, I found myself disgusted with the advertising tactics of Union Tobacco, Inc. in marketing to young children in order to turn a profit. All too often in the world today do we see young children as targets for the ensuing of deadly habits. In a small, yet sorely needed attempt to curb these practices within the company, Karen, an employee at Union Tobacco, Inc., has made an effort to scuttle marketing ploys directed towards children. In this particular study, Karen is trying to convince Janet Moore to join the brigade within Union Tobacco, Inc. to help put an end to their unethical ways. Janet Moore recently obtained her MBA and is in desperate need of a job. Thus, Janet is considering Karen's suggestion to apply for a marketing specialist at the firm. We find ourselves considering a number of problems and dilemmas as to decide what Janet "should" do.
             II. Problems.
              The first problem arises out of the simple fact that Janet Moore needs a job. Considering the fact that any position within Union Tobacco, Inc. does not even come close to being her dream job, Janet must realize that this may be her only job opportunity forthcoming. The one benefit of this job would be that Janet might be able to help put a stop to advertising campaigns aimed exclusively towards younger children.
              A major business issue that arises concerns the fact that Union Tobacco, Inc. is allowed to market towards children in the first place. The law in the United States prohibits the sell of tobacco to minors, under the age of 18. How can tobacco companies lawfully be allowed to market to younger children when their attempts are as obvious as those of Union Tobacco, Inc.? This not only remains an issue of ethical business, but it becomes an issue that affects society as a whole. When the tobacco companies are getting away with and succeeding at, marketing our youth, it reflects our society as a whole.

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