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Case Study

             The case study starts off with the mission statement. It is clearly known by all board members that no one seems to be living up to the mission statement. The first problem that I identified was the fact that the CEO has no idea how to run a business. He lacks critical thinking skills and does not know how to make any kind of business decisions. His main goal is to have Chris, his new executive assistant, who has just recently graduated from University of Phoenix write up a business plan, review it with him, and then tell him what he needs to say. .
             Many problems that were occurring was not handled and just passed off as if they didn't exist. Faith Community Hospital lacked much training, code of ethics as well as communication skills. No one followed the mission statement the way that they should have.
             Another problem is that this business is functioning in an unorganized manner. Problems are reported to the manager and passed up the line, but nothing seems to get done. The CEO should pass the company plans, goals and strategies to all employees, which is also not being done. I believe every company at one time or another should use all types of organizational structure. This company needs to get their priorities in order because it is obvious that there is no type of order in this business.
             Codes of ethics play a big part in all businesses. This business has faced several misfortunes that should have been addressed through employee evaluations. Ethical decision-making goes hand in hand with sound business judgment, yet this concept was never followed.
             This business certainly has a communication problem. The CEO does not seem to have a defined flow of information, either internal or external in this business. In addition, this business does not co-ordinate any information to the right people to get the correct information for the profitability of this company. .
             With the ever-changing organizational workforce, it is imperative that Faith Hospital opens themselves up to a reorganization that previously has not existed.

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