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Case Study

             I believe that our case study presentation went extremely well. We had the whole class involved and had very good discussions and incite. This is a very good way of getting us to see what a teacher does by planning lessons and involving the students and giving them knowledge on a particular subject. Our case study made others see how teaching can be difficult by having other teachers disagree with a teaching style that others objected too. We made the class see the different styles and a majority of them like the creative, fun way of learning instead of the strict, down to the point cramming style of teaching. Perhaps there are the ups and downs to both but the students seemed to get more out of Melinda than Barbra. It was very different for me to see the results because I thought maybe the games and the nonstrictivness would disrupt the students but it made the students more relaxed instead of intense. What I mean by that is just the cramming the math questions into there heads and stressing somewhat more about it than relaxing and soaking it in. This case study showed me a lot about teaching.
             I felt really good about our presentation went. Everyone saw what we were trying to show them. Everyone was involved and everyone gained knowledge about how teaching is not as easy as it seems. I felt that I was actually a teacher and the more I feel that way the more I can see if teaching is really for me. I felt very confident in giving the quiz even though the questions could've been clearer. But all in all I knew if they had read the case study then they would've came up with an answer that was correct because there were many questions that could've had different answers. When I graded the quizzes, everyone did a very good job so they knew what was going on. Then during the times when they were in the different classroom settings, I observed that what students actually enjoyed the different styles.

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