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Human Genome Project

             The Human genome is deciphering DNA of living things. The Human Genome project has began in the 1990s. There are some common things you need to know genetics to understand the project. There are several benefits of this information. People's ethics have either helped or hindered the project along in its time. .
             The Human genome project began in 1990 and is continued today. It has been going on for about thirteen years with government funding. It is a process in which the genetic code found in the chains of amino acids that form hydrogen bonds to create a double helix. This creates a written code that translates into many different traits in the average person. Only a point five percent of the DNA in a person is different; which proves we are all the same except what makes us individuals. While doing this they plan to find out what coding causes what traits and diseases in better hopes of preventing or correcting them before they become evident. There goals a wide and are not far fetched. "They planned to have ninety percent of the sequence decoded by the year 2001" (the human genome project website- the 5 year plan). They fell short by five percent leading them still hoping to reach their goal of a completed genome in the year 2003. Along with the other goals they have set forth to be reached such as development of technology and improving technology today that would increase the rate at which the amino acid sequences would be read. Expanding support of the project to allow it to continue more smoothly. They would also like to be able to read and process the genetic information of people that can be obtained. It is stated that one out of every ten thousand strands of bases there is an error, but there are over thirty thousand genes in the human DNA.
             There is some basic genetic information that has to be understood to grasp the concept of the human genome project. Cells make up the very simplest parts of all living organisms.

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