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Personal and Prof Comp Use

             Personal and Professional Computer Use: Current and Future.
             Everyday in both my personal and professional life I use some form of technology; from the computer chip in the alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning, to the computer that I am using to write this report and the computers I use at my job as a 911 operator/radio dispatcher for the City of Phoenix Police Department. As a 911 operator/radio dispatcher I use several different forms of technology everyday in order to effectively help our callers. The 911 operators and radio dispatchers are two different positions and require some different types of equipment. .
             On the 911 side of the room, each position has two computers. One computer serves as the telephone system, called Vesta, and the other computer is the data input system, which is called CAD (computer aided dispatch). The CAD system is used to enter request for police service from the public. Depending on the type of phone (land-line or cell) used to place the call for police service, information such as address and name can be automatically input on the CAD screen. The Vesta has a variety of functions. The Vesta's monitor has a 12-inch viewable screen and displays a caller identifier including the callers address, name and phone number. Just like a regular phone, Vesta gives the operator the ability to transfer calls to other jurisdictions, conference up to seven different agencies on one call, or call a number back with just the click of the mouse. .
             On the radio side of the room each position has four computers; Vesta, CAD, CAD1 and the radio. The Vesta and CAD are the same as the 911 equipment. CAD1 is used to assist dispatchers in maintaining incident data and officer status and to provide a method of non-voice communication with field officer's through the MDT (mobile data terminal). It is also used to list the calls holding in order of priority and the time they came in.

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