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            Step 01- Comprehension Questions June 3,2002.
             Were all connected and interdependent citizens with global rights and responsibilities. We share the Earth's resources; some factors which shape what happens around the globe are for example, the quality of life, which varies greatly from one nation to another; the UN's monitor of life in different countries like for energy consumption life expectancy, and adult literacy rate.
             2a. China and Nigeria have the lowest GDP/person, while Canada and Italy have the highest. This means that China and Nigeria have the least wealth production rate.
             b. Canada has the highest life expectancy because it's the biggest country from those ratings; the climate is average, and the pollution rate is fair. In Nigeria there are numerous diseases being spread and it is heavily populated in such a small country.
             c. Canada uses the most electricity, and Nigeria uses the lowest. This factor results of Canada's heavy population, and technological advances which require more energy.
             d. Nigeria has the highest literacy rate because of global differences; education taught there is trained when students are younger than in Canada, which has the lowest literacy rate.
             3a. I think this is probably because everywhere you go has variable factors affecting its region. But all these dynamics link to other countries.
             Pg. 186 #1,2,3,4a,b,5.
             1a. Global Citizen.
             • International trade and investment.
             • Being responsive for our earth.
             • Responsibility to ensure that all people could live in peace.
             • Responsibility to protect the human rights.
             2a. Diversity- Diversity is basically multiplicity; a large amount of multicultural people.
             Social Injustice- Social injustice is the word used to describe inequality in the freedom of speech.
             Equitable- Equitable means that all people are equal; have the same rights and differences.

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