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Explain how the Nazi Party consolidated its power in Germany

            a) Explain how the Nazi Party consolidated its power in Germany in the period 1933-1939.
             The Nazi Party is now known as the most callously notorious political party of our modern times. Its life spanned only twelve years and three months, which was brief, yet sustained enough for the most savage turmoil the world had ever known. The Nazi Party would have never been born and raised without the single man known as Adolf Hitler, who possessed iron-willed, coldly ruthless, and power-fanatic characteristics that they have adopted. The Nazi party was the very quintessence of Hitler himself. The consolidation of the Nazi Party was achieved through the means of Hitler's dictatorship; that achieved victory through assaults on the constitution, the civil service, the army, integrity and justice, and the federal structure of Germany and its states; whose autocracy and oratory skills captured the attentions of the vulnerable nation setting out to overcome the Great Depression; alongside his organisation of propaganda and carefully staged rallies that were immensely subjected to German citizens and soldiers; and with the associations with relentlessly cunning political leaders such as Albert Speer (known as the "architect") who helped develop Hitler's Army and the overall vindictive Nazi Party. It is for these dynamics in conjunction with the series of fateful events -for instance the death of President von Hindenburg- that the Nazi party was able to consolidate its power and make the party internally strong and stable in the period of 1933-1939. .
             The Great Depression reached Germany in the early months of 1930. This situation created calamity in the German political arena that resulted in the weakening of the newfound government headed by Heinrich Bruening in the Weimar period. The elections of September 1930 brought about the extraordinary unforseen development; the Nazi Party increased its representation in the Reichstag from 12 members to 107, becoming the second largest party around.

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