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            Adolf Hitler is one of the most tyrannical, horrendous, and sadistic leaders that have ever held a position of power. The chaos of the Third Reich and the Nazi indoctrination behind Hitler's dictatorship is not in total agreement within the historical scholarly community. How did Hitler extend his authority until it was absolute? How did Hitler influence formally military educated German field marshals to obey the military orders of a former corporal without question? Why did highly skilled professionals and intelligent minds in all aspects of German life award uncritical obedience to the Der Fuehrer and his radical ideology? These are relevant questions cannot simply be explained by Hitler was an opportunist that was in actuality a weak dictator. Hitler's seizure of power, consolidation of power, and control of all aspects of German life can be interpretive by only one explanation, Hitler was an astute strategist who was "master of the Third Reich.".
             Hitler's placement into legitimate German government cannot simply be deduced in terms of snatching power away from a constitutional republic. However, it can plainly be inferred that Hitler did not seize power, nor did he win it. Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of a constitutional republic, theoretically subject to democratic checks and balances. Hitler's path to power was all very official, and absolutely within the legalities of the democratic Constitution. So which steps were taken after this legal action to create an authoritative dictator? Leading up to Hitler's appointment at the head of German government was an unstable and chaotic political atmosphere. In the first winter months of 1932-33, power in the Weimar Republic began to grow to be so divided on economic policies and political ideology until it was clear that a reversion to some form of authoritarianism would solve polarized politics in Weimar Germany. Franz von Papen, Kurt von Schleicher, and Paul von Hindenburg controlled the power in Germany at this time; however, Hitler could not be ignored because his mass Nazi movement had become a great size in the government.

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