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An Unfair Campaign

            Our nation has almost no chance of fixing the way it is running. The only hope we have is to play Russian roulette with the candidates running for office, hoping that what we see during their campaign may be true enough to help.
             A political campaign is an effort to influence the decision of a specific group of people. In modern politics, the campaigns are focused on candidates for head of state or head of government. Major campaigns in the United States are often longer than those in other democracies. Campaigns start anywhere from several months to several years before election day. Late in the campaign, campaigns will launch expensive television, radio, and direct mail campaigns aimed at persuading voters to support the candidate. The internet is now a huge part of modern political campaigns. Communications such as email, websites, and podcasts are used for various forms of activism to deliver a message to a large audience. Campaign advertising draws on techniques from commercial advertising and propaganda. The resources available to political campaigns should be limited by the law, but is not always the case. .
             Political campaigners do not just use finances they are given, the also get money from supporters and their own pockets. Therefore, they surpass the "budget" they are given in the first place. This leads to a larger array of options in how they could portray the messages they plan on spreading. Most of these messages are negatively thrown towards their opponents. Some candidates do not even approve them, but since the money is there to do it, there is not much to be done against it. Or in other instances, the negative messages are thrown towards a specific group of people, whether it be race, religion, etc., to gain attention. As a result, "in a January 2010 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the government cannot prohibit corporations and unions from spending money for political purposes.

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