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Government Is Failing Us

             Since democracy's first conception in Ancient Greece, over 2500 years ago, it has evolved quite a bit, but the fundamentals have stayed the same. Recently, a different sort of evolution has dawned on our political system, one driven by fear, terror and greed. In these new circumstances, both radical and progressive changes to the world's regime have put its fundamental values into question, leading to many rather surprising failures. These problems have surfaced in recent times, and should surely be taken into serious consideration while we have the possibility to do so. .
             It goes without saying that democracy has done quite well for itself, now undeniably the most wide spread regime in the world, it's cheerleader, the USA has marched around the world, fighting and installing democratic systems in the most remote of places, recently the case in Afghanistan. Most people genuinely believe that democracy is the way to go for prosperity and peace - this is exactly what could be making the regime to dangerous. In fact, a closer look at democracy and the capitalist economic systems in their modern post-9/11 form could leave many feeling dubious about the system's credibility. .
             Democracy is wide spread because it is the choice of the winner of World War II, not necessarily the people upon whom it is imposed. It appears that the so-called beauty and revolutionary aspect of democracy has become a post-war Western obsession. It also goes without saying that the American attitude, that democracy should be adopted by every human being with or without their consent is a dangerous one, and it has led to many blood expensive conflicts and disputes. Such idealistic approaches to this political regime have cast shadows over the system's frequent and ongoing failures.
             Firstly, a problem which has been around for a long time, is corruption. Under normal circumstances the issue would hardly be worth exhausting but since George W.

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