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Assessing An Egyptian Regime, Which Harbors Terrorist

             The prior terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, have many Americans searching to understand the source of such intense hatred. Extremist-suicide bombers committed a heinous act "unparallel, in recent history. Immediately, America must gain insight as to how terrorist groups can be minimized and at best nullified. In fact, if this is accomplished; national security will be restored and the free "democratic society will succeed, living each day in absence of fearing terrorism. .
             As Defense establishments are concerned; the U.S. has proved to be the greatest military on the globe. However, in spite of being dominant militarily "America "has sustained an administration that has protected its independence. Now, that the war on terrorism has begun "Americans fear that there civil liberties may be restructured by means of National Security laws. In fact, legislatively "it will be restructured; in a way that enables the government to prioritize combating of terrorism prior to that of "established- constitutional rights. .
             The bureaucracy and congressional branches of the U.S.""should present strong resistance in continuing to provide a justice system that pragmatically administers justice by means of the U.S. constitutional framework. This will ensure that legislation of security implementation will not infringe upon a "free society-. Evidently "it will be extremely difficult "but there is no question how vital indeed it is. .
             The American government's objective must continue to involve the delivering of political goods to its citizens. However, in other nations "desires of the governed are not taken into consideration. For instance, Egypt possesses a government that makes decisions based on the welfare of the executive members involved. Nations such as this "impede on U.S. national security interests, and have contributed to terrorist attacks "most notably, September 11th.

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