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Representation, Effects and Resolution of Gender Inequality

            Intention of reasearch report - For this essay, the intention was to inform the reader of the representation, effects, and resolution of gender inequality. The second intention for the text is to persuade the reader that gender inequality is an issue and needs to be changed. Sexism, stereotypes and poor body image. These are subjects we have heard a lot about recently, causing controversy globally in a fight for difference or indifference. From a young age we are bombarded with how to act or do things which are socially acceptable. This is seen where genders are unfairly represented and stereotyped in society - Men represented as emotionless and lazy; Women overly emotional and weak. Whether it comes down to how we dress or where we work, genders are labelled. Throughout this report the following will be investigated: How genders are represented and stereotyped in society, the effects this has on individuals, and the resolution to misrepresentation.
             Throughout society genders are subjected to misrepresentation. This is seen in the media, workforce, and social conduct of western culture. Society is seen misrepresenting genders in how the younger generations are taught. Young boys are often taught to be more aggressive, with the toys they play with - guns, swords, action figures and consider more about their career than appearance while young girls are encouraged to look beautiful and take gentle and kind approach of Barbie's, homemaking, cleaning, and cooking1. As a result society creates the mind-set that certain genders must look, act and be a certain way due to their gender. This is seen in a recent advertising campaign created by 'NZ Pork' which is a prime example of how genders are often viewed in society and media. The advert 'Mum's Night Off' was created to appeal to men so as "Women can get out of the kitchen and men can get in it"2. Shown in the advertisement are attempts at relating to the target market of a 'kiwi bloke'.

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