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War In Iraq

             In my research on the War in Iraq I found many opposing viewpoints and it was difficult to sort these viewpoints out and decide which side to follow. I realized in my research that I would do better off looking at actual facts about the war in Iraq and abstracting an opinion from these facts. From these facts I found evidence that I believe tremendously supports the war in Iraq. However, I understand that this is a point that is arguable. I also realize that there is a lot of support to end the war in Iraq. I want to make it blatantly clear that I do not support an end to the war. I personally will support the war until the very end if I have to. .
             Why there is a lack of support for the war in Iraq.
             I believe that support for the war has been misplaced. Many Americans are already angry at the current Bush administration. Bush's presidency began with an uncertainty as to whether Bush was actually the legitimate president. Bush let the greatest act of terrorism against the U.S. happen under his administration which very well may have been preventable, and the U.S. is in the face of an economic downturn. Overall Bush seems to be an incompetent president not capable of running a country. Because of all of these mixed feelings about the presidency and since president Bush has been the main driving force behind the war there is a general assumption by the populous that the war against Iraq is unjust and uncalled for. I believe that support for the war should not be based on the people's support for Bush but, the facts of the campaignin Iraq. Yes it is true that Bush's claims may have been exaggerated, it is true that people are dying in this war, after all it is a war, and it is true that may have had certain economic interests in Iraq. Yet, I do support the war in Iraq. Even if it means agreeing with a president that I don't exactly want to see in office. .
             Bush's Desire for Iraqi Oil Fact or Fiction.

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