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War with Iraq

            The onset of war impacts almost everyone in one way or another. Death and destruction will be inevitable as the United States penetrates deep into the bowels of Iraq. How will all of this impact our troops as they make their way to free the Iraqi people from the death grip of Saddam Hussein? It could lead to a very bloody war if the people and the Republican Guard feel they should give their lives to protect Saddam. The effects of the fighting such as death, destruction, and the devastation caused by the war will be felt by our soldiers, the Iraqi people, and ourselves here at home. .
             When a soldier receives his orders to be shipped out to Iraq, the effects can be felt deep within the family structure. The parents of this man or woman will wonder if their loved one will return safe and unharmed. The stress of not knowing how a loved one is doing can weigh heavy on the people closest to them. They wonder each and every day if that person is dead or alive. With all the news broadcast, they hear of Americans being killed in combat. Each and every time there is a knock on the door, they cringe for fear that it might be the news they don"t want to hear. Death is a very real aspect of war and the aftermath will impact all of us.
             Since the war will be fought in Iraq, devastation of the Iraqi's homeland is sure to happen. There will be bombs dropped on pertinent infrastructures hoping to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein and his regime. Bodies will be intertwined with the rubble of the buildings that the US has targeted. There will be chaos among the people in Baghdad trying to find a safe place to hide. Children will be rummaging through debris of the buildings in hope of finding their parents. The screams of terror and the little whimpers of children can be heard through out the night. Mass destruction of Baghdad and its political buildings will be forever etched in people's minds.

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