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Against War on Iraq

            Right this moment the world is facing an asymmetrical and forcibly black and white conflict. Over in Iraq the Bush-fire season has commenced, with the US waging stage two of their "war on terror".
             Since the September 11 attacks, the US demanded "infinite justice" from the "axis of evil", and that the world choose between "us and the terrorists" as a mean of gaining support in their war against Afghanistan and now Iraq. .
             By making the issue so black and white, many people have been left voiceless. Clearly Saddam Hussein is a tyrannical leader, who the world would be better off without, but is war the answer? Judging by the populace of peace rallies around the world, many people including myself don't think so. Of course with the US being the superpower of the world and the negative connotation of "terrorists" not many nations were too keen on vehemently opposing the US.
             Initially we were told that Iraq had to be disarmed after breaching UN resolutions for over a decade and possessing weapons of mass destruction. And that the United Nations could lose credibility and authority if it allowed Iraq to continually ignore its resolutions. For the past several months, the United Nations weapons inspectors have been able to examine any area in Iraq without prior notification, and according to chief weapons inspector, Han's Blix, substantial progress had been made, with Iraq co-operating more than it ever has. However, now that the US has effectively ended 12 years of weapons inspections and invaded Iraq without UN approval, the credibility of the UN suffers because the superpower of the world has decided that UN rules and regulations are "irrelevant". .
             Furthermore, former United Nations arms inspector Richard Butler said "The Spectacle of the United States, armed with its weapons of mass destruction, acting without Security Council authority to invade a country in the heartland of Arabia and, if necessary, use its weapons of mass destruction to win that battle, is something that will so deeply violate any notion of fairness in this world that I strongly suspect it could set loose forces that we would deeply live to regret".

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