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War Against Iraq

            The term "War" brings about hatred and even fear to the minds of every individual. War is defined as the state of open, armed, often a prolonged conflict or contention carried on between nations, states or even parties. Over the last 40 years, the U.S has bombed Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Yugoslavia and many other nations. War between nations has only brought about distress, costs innocent lives and ruins the economic conditions of the country. In the end of the war, the victory only belongs to one nation. War has always been chosen as the alternative when two nations disagree or are under bad terms with each other. At this point, the war against Iraq has topped the headlines and is dominating the media and the newspapers. War was and even in future is going to affect the nations socially and economically. .
             War against Iraq has awakened most of us and protests have been carried out towards and against it. Though in the previous wars World War I and II, U.S had taken up the victory, it did disturb the stabilized conditions of the society. More than half a million Iraqis had died during the World War I and many were physically and mentally affected. Thousands of children had lost their parents and a number of parents had lost their children. These innocent lives had nothing to do with the war. Whereas now, where the point at which the Third World War is being considered, the social conditions are definitely looking for more stability. War against Iraq, which is primarily aimed towards the destruction of its infrastructure and the killing of the Iraqi citizens and the U.S soldiers, would only bring crime against humanity.
             Iraq ranks second in the world in oil production and are one of the primary resources for U.S, whereas the idea of war and conflicts with Iraq has brought about a drastic increase in the oil prices. Though U.S ranks number one in oil production, they have continually been in need for more due to the population rate and to meet their needs.

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