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Recreation And Tourism

            Establishing a successful recreation and tourism program is essential in order for a community to develop a thriving economical status. No matter if that community is one that depends solely on tourist traffic to meet is financial needs or merely a small town on the outskirts dabbling in the tourism trade, there is still a need for some sort of organized basis by which tourists are encouraged to spend their money. In order to obtain this level of economic success, however, several considerations must be made and ideas implemented before such prosperity is realized.
             Tourism and recreation include a "wide variety of activities occurring within a wide range of environments and spatial scale". (9) The object of bringing tourism to one's city or town is to prosper from the dollars that are spent when people vacation. Perhaps nowhere is there greater potential for economic growth than by establishing a successful plan that ultimately reaches its target market.
             The impacts of tourism are untold; if implemented correctly, such a program can single-handedly support an entire community and bring it out of its "restless economic sleep". (7) Yet, the process is not as easy as merely developing a plan and running with it; rather, there are myriad considerations to be addressed and undertaken if the program is to flourish. As stated in Tourism Planning: by C.A. Gunn "The positive impact of tourism, no matter how measured, shows that tourism does strengthen the economy of many areas. For many years, the positive impacts of tourism - incomes, jobs, taxes - have been well promoted. Worldwide, tourism is looked upon as a smokeless industry with strong and stable economic impacts on the host areas. Tourism continues to be cited as a major item of work trade and of considerable economic importance to domestic economies". (10).
             There exists a "broad range of settings where recreation services may be delivered".

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