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Arab and Mexican Cultures

            It may seem strange to compare the Arab culture with the Mexican culture, as their customs are obviously so very different; however, what is astonishing is how similar they are in certain aspects of family life. Each culture has its own habits and traditions, all of which are passed down from generation to generation. Even though the social interactions, social customs, and social rituals between the Arab Culture and the Mexican culture are vastly different, they are surprisingly similar regarding family relationships.
             In Arab culture, it is a common practice to push and shove in public places, whereas this practice is considered a sign of aggression in the Mexican culture. Even though an Arab does not view this as pushy, a Mexican would most likely shove back and cause a fight to ensue. Obviously, Arabs consider public places for everyone with no rights to privacy, even to the person. Nevertheless, even though Mexicans realize that public places are for anyone, they also value their sphere of privacy. It is an unspoken rule to expect another person not to violate that sphere. Driving habits are also a conflict between the two cultures. Arabs have the notion that people take on rights to space as they move including driving, so when a Mexican cuts in front of them, Arabs consider it very rude. Mexicans are notorious for cutting in front of others on the road as it is an accepted practice, and they are always in a hurry to get somewhere. Public displays of affection are considered unacceptable and rude, even between spouses, in the Arab culture; whereas, Mexicans consider touching or kissing members of the opposite sex in public totally acceptable behavior. In the Arab culture, if there are any marital problems or arguments between friends and family, the members involved are expected to display no signs of the quarrel in public. They must behave rationally and normally and are expected to work their problems out in private.

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