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Clash Of Civilizations

             Huntington is considered one of the most outstanding interpreters of International Relations of our times. Huntington is very well known by his article "The Clash of Civilizations- written in the summer of 1993. In this article he states the idea that the world is split in different civilizations, these different civilizations will be the basic reason for conflicts in the future. Afterwards, the rest of the article is based on different examples of history that prove his claims. One can summarize the article with one of his initial phrases: "The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural- and "The clash of civilizations will dominate global politics-. .
             Huntington correctly defined a civilization as a: "a cultural entity-, I would like to add to that definition, the definition made by Philip Atkinson: "is the tangible expression of a communal understanding-. .
             Even though, Huntington is right about the existence of different civilizations around the world. I believe that he completely forgets that each nation-state around the world is different in itself! The world is not only split by civilizations, its also split by different countries. However, Huntington does mention about this: "Conflicts and violence will also occur between states and groups within the same civilization. Such conflicts, however, are likely to be less intense and less likely to expand than conflicts between civilizations-. One could consider this statement completely absurd because each country in the world has its own history, culture, philosophy and national interest! If the national interest of a country is at danger, regardless of the civilization, it will protect itself and even go to war. Moreover, each Nation - State has internal different cultures, India for instance, is based on different groupings with very different traditions and interests locally. That is the case of Russia, China, Australia, and Mexico at a smaller extent, among many others.

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