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Asian Civilization

             The problem with Asian Civilization has been around for centuries that we have taken this prevalent stand as it is. We have not dared question the constructed biases and prejudices against the largest continent in the world, Asia. This bias has been around for so long that it had sunk into the historical consciousness of the world. The time has come for Asia to speak up and stand out. We should not lie acquiescent to the misconceptions being propagated by the West. The main bias that is the marrow of my contention is the unfair presumptions of the West against Asia. This unfair assessment has adversely affected the world wide perception of the West when directed towards Asia.
             Contrary to the hubris and conceit of the West, Asia really is the cradle of civilization. I then ask why Asia has been the subject of much misconception, bias and prejudice. Some of them include one Western saying, "Europe's most commonly stated defining qualities can be summed up under the two heads, moderation and diversity exact opposites of Asia's excess and uniformity."" Strong words that clearly dichotomize the two continents into binary opposites that bodes ill for Asia. Europe, they claim, is the forefront of moderation that included not only the climate but more so the disposition of its people. Moderate in all things, in the use of resources to the manifestations and trappings of wealth unlike Asia wherein the excess of the unbridled display of opulence in all aspects is seen as ghastly. As to the charge of Asia being uniform, that is patently untrue. The blame lies on the shoulders of the Europeans into thinking that after seeing one part they generalize and rationalize that it must be true for the whole. Such is the case that when laid against the much diverse, ergo, better Europe in the realms of trade, economics, occupations, products and the like and the whole structure of their society. This assertion I very much contest since Asia has one of the most diverse cultures in the world.

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