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            Since Islam came into being, it has clashed numerously with the already .
             Their rivalry has never ceased until today. Modern .
             Examples would be Bosnia and Lebanon. There were not only military clashes .
             but political as well as economical. Although, the rivalry was incredibly intense, .
             ironically, Arab or Islamic culture managed to severely influence the Christian .
             kingdoms. However, Christianity used all the advantages provided by Islam to .
             their advantage and through that they managed to keep the Arabs at bay. .
             Islamic civilization and its rise were thanks to one man and that is the last .
             prophet, Prophet Muhammad. Islam came into being in 622AD and it was the last .
             of the great civilizations. Islam managed to push the Arabs into a new kind of .
             community, which at the same time spread far beyond Arabia, Persians, Indians, .
             North African countries and parts of Europe came under its domination. .
             The Arabs managed to capture most of the most powerful economic .
             areas. In the Mediterranean their navy conquered Cyprus and crippled Byzantine .
             sea power. They first clashed with the Christians when they tried to besiege .
             Constantinople. In 711 they started their raids into Spain and in 716 they .
             conquered it. They tried to conquer France but the Franks under the leader .
             Charles Martel handed the Arabs their first defeat. From the end of the 7th .
             century till the middle of the 11th, the Mediterranean remained something of a .
             Muslim lake and western trade with East Asia wasnt cut off during these .
             centuries, it was significantly diminished and carried on in awareness of Muslim .
             dominance. ( Craig, Graham, Kagan, Turner, The heritage of western civ. .
             Pp323) .
             In the early Middle Ages the main power in Europe was always the Pope .
             and later in the 700's it was shared with Charlemagne. The combination of these .
             two managed to keep the Arab invasions at bay. But the Christians did benefit .
             with their contact with Islamic culture.

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