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            This paper will discuss some of the teachings of Islam that would make positive contribution in dealing with pressing social and environmental issues. It will observe how these teachings could be integrated in our daily encounters. The dissolution of the social fabric, equality among the human races, place of women in the present society and the political, social and economic conflicts that face our present world. Among the teachings discussed include; the concepts of justice, equality, community, the universe, freedom, brotherhood and the place of women in the society.
             The concept of life is important in the Muslim religion. Life is given by God who creates life for each and life every person it is only God who has the right to take life back. No man should take another person's life. Islam therefore forbids all kinds of suicide and self destruction. As a result, this aspect of right to live, if integrated in our daily life would change our societies drastically. The world today is full of murder, suicide bombings, kidnapping and other evil act ivies. That is directed in killing among the human being. The continuous manufacturing of lethal substance such as nuclear bombs, atomic bombs at long last is driven to the human flesh. The human race they shunned away all the good ways that God wanted him or her to life. God gave man the power and ability to help him realize the goal of existence in accordance to his will. .
             The concept of freedom in Islam, applied to social context would create a better world than what we have today. Freedom is a concept that denotes a situation where there is no limitation. "A world that every human being is born free of sin, inherited inferiority and ancestral hindrance. That a person operates on a free environment where he or she is guided by what God has laid down for him.

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