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The rise of Islam

            After the rise of Islam in the Arabian world, many social changes came about. As the changes were occurring, Islam was playing a crucial role in the development of the Arab world. The major impacts include the inclusion of new teachings and a new religious idea that effected societies surrounding Arabia and all countries in contact with the newly Islamic areas.
             Prior to the introduction of Islam to the Arabian world, the Arabian world was using a polytheistic religion system. In the village system that was so prevalent at the time, there would be specific gods worshiped from village to village. In Mecca, there was a common meeting place where all the deities met and the people believed that with the common meeting, they were all protected. .
             With the birth of Islam, one common god was created for all of the residents to worship. This created unity thought the tribes and made them all under the same God. This singular god angered many of the tribes because they believed harm would come to them by supporting a new god. With the birth of Islam in the Arab world, Muhammad decided to work to destroy all the holy places devoted to the deities other than Allah. This common god for the Arab people allowed them to bond as a people much like the Jews and Christians had done. .
             The second major change that happened throughout the Islamic world was related to the societal structure. Muhammad's structures of Islamic pillars became foundations of the Islamic faith and Arabian society. Prior to the surge of Islam, your family and tribe were the most important thing to people. With the infusion of Islam, the loyalty fell to god before the tribe and family. This was because Muhammad never had any real family so, to him, family was not a central part of his life. The one god loyalty to many was not a new idea, such as the Jew and the Christians.
             After the death of Muhammad, it would have been easy for the people to disband Islam but that is far from what happened.

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