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            What influence did Islam on the modern world?.
             Islam had a great influence in the Middle Ages.
             influence including trade, learning, science,medicine, mathematics and.
             literature. The rise of Islam began with a man called Mohammed, he was.
             the prophet of Allah. The angle Gabreial told him his job was to teach as.
             many people as he could the ways of Allah. He seized Mecca after a huge .
             battle and destroyed the idols in The Kaaba but not the Kaaba itself. After.
             he died, in 632, the Islam religion was getting very popular. Mohammed's.
             followers made a bible of his teachings, which was later known as the.
             Koran. .
             The Spread of Islam was started by the Arabs who followed Islam. They.
             travelled far and wide and conquered many lands such as the Byzantine.
             Empire. Islam spread as Mohammad travelled across the known world. In.
             638, six years after Mohammeds death, The Arabs took over Syria. Egypt.
             was conquered in 642 and Muslim peoples moved further north. By 644,.
             the Arabs had also seized the current Persian Empire. Islam also moved.
             into the asian contries. .
             In 711, Muslim forces crossed to Spain and also conquered that area . The.
             Muslims rarely patroled the land they captured, so inevetable some would.
             be lost again to the enemy and that is exactly what happened in Asia.
             Minor and Spain. .
             Most of the conquered people became followers of the muslim faith.
             Apart from Spain most of the conquered lands are still filled with Muslim.
             people. There are many effects of the Islam religion including.
             trade,learning, science, medicine, maths and literature. Muslims were the.
             first to introduce trade across 3 contanents. This made people think to.
             make money and start businesses. Muslims always learnt the ways of life.
             of the people they conquered so in the end they were a very smart race of.
             Muslims made some influences in Science. Especially in Astronomy,.
             Geography and map-making. Lots of important inventions have been.
             constructed through the history of islam.

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