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Athletic Trainer

             The career that I want to be in is an athletic trainer. Athletic trainers work with athletes to help prevent injuries. If athletes do have an injury, the trainer must evaluate and treat the athlete with proper medical attention. The trainer must make sure that after medical treatment the player is physically ready to go back to playing sports. When athletes have an injury that involves therapy, the trainer must assign physical programs for them to attend. Athletic trainers work with physicians in getting together the proper rehabilitation program for the injured players. When full-time trainers work they usually work more than 40 hours a week and 8 hours a day. Sometimes they work evenings, holidays, weekends, and have to travel to away games. .
             The high school courses which will prepare me for this career are first aid training, foods and nutrition, health science technology, nurse assisting, physiology and psychology. College courses needed are health and physical education, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, chemistry, modalities, medical assistant, physical therapy assistant, and sports medicine and athletic training. All of these will help me build the fundamentals needed for this job. .
             The salaries for an athletic trainer depend on if they are working in a high school, a college or are working for the professional teams. When working in a high school or a smaller college the salaries range from $20,000 to $75,000. The salaries depend on the type and size of the school, the importance that the school puts on sports, and the location. Salaries are also based on the responsibilities and the experience of the person. Trainers that work for professional teams get anywhere from $25,000 to $104,000 and beyond. The salaries also depend on the team and responsibilities the trainer has. .
             The reason for choosing this career is that it involves people and helping them with their injures.

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