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My Career Goals - Athletic Trainer

            Throughout my life, I've always wanted to be an NFL superstar; one of the best players on the field. My friends and I, when we were kids, have always dreamed of it and the experience. About going to the super bowl and making the clutch plays to put your team in the lead and how great it would feel on draft day with fans cheering your name in the crowd. Just a couple years ago football was my life, I started on the football team as a wide receiver, but before the season started in practice, I got blind sided by my teammate. This isn't the first time that this had happened because the year before that the same thing happened and I ended up with a concussion. So whine happened this time around I knew that I had another. I went to the doctors, and they told me that throughout the course of 6 months I have had five concussions and another blow to the head like that I could receive serious brain damage maybe fatal. The doctor told me that I could never play football again so from there on I changed my whole mind set I chose a different career goal. .
             My new goal is to compete and place in the Olympics. Also I want to be an athletic trainer for an NFL or NBA team. An athletic trainer works with high school, college, and professional sports teams to treat, prevent, and manage the injuries of athletes. In most states, however, athletic trainers must be licensed and must pass the National Athletic Trainers' Association certification examination. The reason I want to be an athletic trainer is because I want to help athletes get back on their feet after an injury and be able to tell they have an injury before it becomes worse. My goal in academics is to get a major in kinesiology. Kinesiology is another word for sports science, which is the study of sports medicine and sports science involves applying medical and scientific principles to sports, exercise, and the ability of the body to perform physically.

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