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Thanksgiving vs. Christmas

             Holidays are special times many people hold dear. When people think back on the holidays they have experienced, what are some favorite memories that come to mind? Thanksgiving and Christmas are two major holidays that most Americans choose to celebrate. Although many similarities exist between Thanksgiving and Christmas, these two holidays also exhibit many differences. Decorations, traditions, and the purpose for the holiday, are three areas that vary when comparing and contrasting Thanksgiving and Christmas.
             The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are similar in that they both abound with colorful decorations specific to their themes. They also involve deeply rooted traditions that are treasured and embedded in people's minds. Family is of utmost importance. Both holidays celebrate meaningful gifts from God to His people. Thanksgiving is for thanking God for the gift of harvest and plenty, whereas, Christmas is to thank and commemorate Jesus coming as a baby. .
             Differences exhibited by Thanksgiving and Christmas begin with the decorations. Thanksgiving is adorned by fall colors. Bright orange pumpkins, variegated gourds, and oddly shaped squash grace the fireplace hearths. Changing leaves, dried corn stalks, and hay bales line the entry. The Horn of Plenty enhances the dining room table. Christmas, on the other hand, revels in red and green. There are evergreen trees decked with colorful ornaments and tinsel, bulging stockings hanging from the mantel, and mistletoe dangling from the doorway arch luring lovers. Each makes for a festive feel.
             Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions differ also. Thanksgiving is celebrated over a much shorter time period than Christmas. It is mainly a one-day event featuring football and a huge turkey dinner. Then it's on to Christmas. In fact, the biggest Christmas shopping day of the year is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Christmas is much more elaborate and the preparation begins weeks in advance.

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