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Sports - Sittin' in the Bleachers

            Everybody is different when it comes to sports, some like to play the sport and some like to just sit back and watch; my personal preference is to play on the team instead of watch the game. I have played sports my whole life, but I have also been a spectator when it came to a sporting event. When I played on a sports team I had to spend many hours preparing and practicing before game day. Playing more than one sport takes more hours of dedication, practice, and sacrifice than one would have to do if they only played one sport. In basketball I had to practice every day and sacrifice holidays so I could go play in a dreaded holiday tournament and in softball I had to sacrifice Saturdays for weekend tournaments. .
             Even though sacrificing the fun things seemed to be awful it all payed off in the end. Going to holiday tournaments and sacrificing every Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Easter break is just practice for the big games. Basketball is just a sport to some people but to me it was my life. I grew to love my team mates as if I had all of them as sisters. The bond that you grow from playing a sport is so much better, to me, than just sitting in the stands cheering for your favorite player. .
             Being a spectator is fun for me when I attend a football game at my hometown high school Benton Academy, or when I get to cheer on the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Sitting in the bleachers is different from sitting on the court, in the dugout, or standing on the sidelines. When you are in the game I had to pay attention to what was going on, what play they are running; so when the coach calls my number and I run out there I can get straight in the groove of the play and score! Sitting in the bleachers you can get up, walk around, go to the concession stand, and most importantly one of the main reasons people come to the events is to socialize with your friends and your family that are sitting around you.

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