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Mosinee High and Pioneer Stadium

            During the fall of high school, juniors and seniors aren't overly enthused about the upcoming choices for college, or any sort of schooling for that matter. Many students put forth the minimum grade requirement to participate in the extracurricular activities. The most common of these activities on Friday nights is football. With the giant lights beaming down on the cold, damp, muddy field, the creaky high school bleachers are filled with individuals cheering on their fellow classmates, hoping for a win. Unfortunately, most students, such as those in Mosinee High in central Wisconsin are probably oblivious to UW Platteville's existence in the south west corner of the state. Many other colleges are sought out for their outstanding sports teams or having the greatest music program, but few colleges make you feel welcomed. UW Platteville and its newly redone Pioneer Stadium create a second home for all that attend, from parents to players to the students themselves.
             At first sight, it looks like any typical egg-shaped football stadium, but the full comprehension of beauty of this arena cannot be achieved strictly by admiring from a distance. One must sit and witness for him/herself the magic this dome has to offer on a Saturday mid-afternoon. Sitting in the center among the cold, metal benches, blue and orange dressed individuals decorate the grandstands with the university's colors. The crowd is a beautiful, paint-splattered canvas. On the south side of the green turf field, one would see an illuminated mega screen replaying highlights throughout the game. In the northeast corner, the announcer's voice booms over the loudspeakers with a recap on each play as the teams scramble on the field like a bunch of disturbed ants. The remaining players lineup along the sidelines, directly ahead, with the dance team on the right and cheer team on the left.
             Buttery popcorn and grilled hamburger scents drift through the air to the nostrils, encouraging the students to attend.

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