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             It is Tuesday morning at Williams Stadium, an old rough field that is a favorite place for the birds to hang out. The parking lot has old beer bottles and cigarette buds all over the lot. Walking through the gates on the home side of the field, the first thing that a person notices is the back of the stands that go up about seven or eight stories. They are as long as the whole field and wear gray paint that is fading. To the right is the snack bar where local charities try to make a few bucks off of men and women trying to feed their hungry bellies on game nights. There are six different entrances to the stands. Once in the stands the visitor side is instantly in the field of perception. On the truff in the North end zone is the word "GARLAND" painted yellow with a black background. In the South end zone the word "OWLS" is also painted in the same manner. To the right is the field house. A red roof stands out, and ''GARLAND'' is written on all four sides of the building in big black letters. Across from the field.
             house is the weight room. The tall white building has the words ''WE WILL WIN" painted on it in dark yellow. The track sits right behind the weight room. The rubber on the track is worn down in most places and you can see the concrete beneath it. .
             But on Friday night these things change from lonely, isolated buildings, to the pride of Garland High. The empty lot with busted beer bottles and birds is filled with cars and people hanging out. The stands are overflowing and are no longer a lonely gray. They are filled with the home team's colors and its crazy fans. The student section is filled with drunken teenagers screaming at the top of their lungs. The stands are no longer noticeable. The snack bar is now lively. Balloons are tied on it. Hungry students and parents are waiting for their food to be served. The field house, weight room, and track are barley visible now.

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