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Social and Economic Change of the 1920s

            The 1920s was a period of great social change because of women – they felt freer and more independent, economics – there was economic prosperity and everyone was all for it, and technology – new home –life appliances and cars.
             The changing of the role of women showed that the 1920s was a period of great social change. During this decade women were greatly changed. They had different rights, new attitudes and had started a new trend of fashion. This was the time of the "flapper". Women would throw away their corsets, shorten their hair – more of a masculine look, because they felt they were becoming more equal - and their skirts and dress in comfort. They also wore shoes with higher heels, with more of a dancing shoe shape. This allowed them more physical freedom, which led to women being much more active. Women reveled in the fact that they were definitely more independent and free. There was much more freedom for women. They had more rights. Men and women were living in proximity, and the division between public and private was disappearing. They were demanding greater freedom, equality and independence, and that's exactly what the got. They played music, danced to music, went swimming at the beach, and made their own jazz bands. The attitudes of these women changed just as much as their rights, as it became acceptable for women to smoke and drink alcohol in public, and to ride alone in cars with men, or go on unchaperoned dates. They had much more relaxed attitudes, felt the right to be independent and equal to men, and didn't want to suffer heroically anymore for the sake of modesty and fashion .
             Furthermore, many new inventions and new products contributed significantly to the 1920s period of social change. There was electricity, home-life appliances, and new means of transport. Connection of electricity was something that caused huge changes in people's life.

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