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Fashion in the 1920s

            The decade of the 1920s saw dramatic social and economic change. The prosperity and opportunity during the aftermath of World War I left many individuals with a positive outlook. This widespread attitude encouraged the indulgence of many materialistic pleasures. .
             The development of ladies fashion was related to this transformation. It gradually became very important for women to align themselves with the look of the "flapper". The flapper ideals were a reflection of women's changing role in society. .
             PoliticalChange for Women World War I forced women to break gender barriers by .
             entering the workforce to replace the large number of men fighting abroad in the war. The continuing absence of women in the home altered a common viewpoint of their position in society. When women gained the right to vote, this significant change of the feminine role was officially declared. This new found female individualism was expressed through every aspect of life. A Time of Economic Change An explosion of consumerism hit the 1920s. Americans began to work fewer hours,.
             earn higher wages, invest in the stock market and buy more products than the generation before. The technological advances acclaimed from World War I created possibilities for more productive work .
             places. The efficiency of standardized .
             mass production was made viable.
             through the use of factories and .
             machines. Since manufacturing .
             companies were creating fruitful quantities, .
             they were making more money. This led to an .
             increases in salaries, which in turn led .
             to more disposable income. This .
             money flowed through the market .
             and helped to spur the economy. Women'sfashionwas one waythat .
             Americanschosetoutilize their spending.
             power. The Flapper Image.
             The flapper look was distinct and progressive. Not wanting to be associated withprevious ideology, women began to play downphysical femininetraits. Emphasis was takenoffthe waistline and breasts to produce a more cylindrical figure.

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