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Children and the Transition to Elementary School

            Elementary school students have trouble adjusting to the new environment when they move from one school to another. They are frightened by starting again in an unfamiliar place. Also, it is very difficult to adapt alone in a place where you do not know anything. Therefore, to get new students used to the new surroundings, schools can provide orientations, offer continuous counseling, and help new students find good buddies. .
             First of all, elementary schools can provide orientations to new students and their parents. When I was an elementary student, I moved to a new place because of my father's work. It was very scary to go to new school, because I did not know anything about the school, not even where it was located. At that time, the school provided orientation. One teacher came over and showed me and my parents the inside of the school. During the time, I can hear the description of the school life, and see a few teachers. The orientation made me and my parents feel relieved. Thus, elementary schools should give new students and their parent orientations since it helps relieve anxiety about unfamiliar circumstance, and new student can adapt quickly to the new school.
             Secondly, elementary schools can offer continuous counseling for new students. Not long after I moved to my new school, I often went to counseling office. The counseling teacher took care of me well, asking about my school life such as friendship, and studying. This program was not only helping me adjust to school life, it also encouraged me in the right direction for study. Hence, new elementary school students should receive counseling program because it manages new students to do well in schools, and also provides new students with the right way forward. .
             Finally, elementary schools can help new students find good buddies. I think this is the most important one for new student. The reason is that being a loner in the school makes new people harder to adjust new schools.

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