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Uniforms in Public Schools

             The birth of school uniforms can be traced back to the 16th century. During that time period, uniforms were 1st instituted at charity schools for poor children. It wasn't until the 19th century that English public schools began adopting uniforms and even later for uniforms to be widely accepted at state schools. (Rapp 1) Uniforms are not usually seen in private schools, however, they offer many benefits. Until recently, uniforms were mostly seen in Catholic schools. They have also made an appearance at private schools who do not offer their services to both sexes at once. "A decade of research indicating the effectiveness of private schools has led some school reformers to consider policies that are linked to private and Catholic school success" (Brunsman and Rockquemore 1). If uniforms do not present any problems at a private or Catholic school, then they will not be a problem in public schools. Though people may not be happy with the idea of mandatory school uniforms, requiring them will not cause a problem, but will help alleviate many.
             Since the crime rate has been rapidly increasing, teachers and administrators have been trying to find alternate paths to promote school safety. "While uniforms have long been the domain of private schools, an increasing number of public schools have adopted school uniform policies in an effort to curb disruptive behavior" (Rapp 1). Student identification cards have been issued to separate students from teachers, as well as .
             visitors. They have also adopted the red alert system that protects students from intruders. The red alert system is simply a drill that locks students inside their classrooms. By doing this, intruders who may have already entered the building, cannot enter into the classrooms without a key. Since the doors lock from the inside, students are safe and secure. .
             Another issue that has been raised is the manner in which students present themselves.

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