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My Seasons of Change

            Here I was thirty something years young and my entire life totally got turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Everything that I knew to be certain was gone. I had worked faithfully for Allen Printing Company for almost 10 years and suddenly the company was gone. I had stared out working part time as needed then worked my way up to department supervisor and then all the way up to being second in command over the entire warehouse.
             How could they do this to us .with no warning at all this was happening? Didn't us, the employees, at least deserve a little notice? "Going out of business " and "Laid off " are the only words I remember hearing. All I could think was "What am I going to do? ". So I sat and cried. Sorrow eventually turned to fury. Which in turn made me reevaluate my whole life. .
             I sat feeling hopeless on the couch for a few days trying to rationalize in my head everything that was happening. I already knew that drawing an unemployment check every week would never be enough to pay the bills and take care of me and my two children. How was I going to turn this setback into a blessing? First I let everyone I could think of know I was looking for work. And second I saw a commercial on the television that would forever change my life. I had probably seen this commercial hundreds of times before but never paid it any attention. But on that rainy afternoon .it spoke to me. Almost as if it was saying my name.
             Could I go back to school? Was I too old to go to college? And with me being a single mother was it even possible? I made the call. It wouldn't hurt anything just to get some information, right? At that time I never knew how much my life was about to change. I will never forget the day I came in to Miller-Motte Technical College and met with Kelly, my admissions rep. I had never felt more determined in my life. Not only was I sure that I wanted to start college but I was going to find a way to make it work.

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