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Sports Management

             The book I read was called "Everyone's a Coach" to me it was a very good book .
             because it explained vital parts of Coaching and explained in detail what each part of the .
             book was about. In this paper I will summarize each chapter and give my view on how .
             the book was.
             The 1st chapter of the book that I read was called "Conviction Driven" this is .
             where all coaches start off. It explained how coaches set goal for a team (what they want .
             the team to succeed in). How they have a plan for the team before the season ever starts. .
             It also explains how your vision determination and beliefs play a big part in coaching. For .
             example Don Shula had a vision for his team(dolphins) he stayed by his beliefs, set goals, .
             led by example and showed determination and if you see what it brought him was an .
             undefeated season and as being recognized as one of the greatest coaches to ever coach .
             the game.
             One of the most important things that I learned in this chapter was you have to be .
             known for something and to put a signature on your job that will have people .
             remembering you even when you are not around. This is what makes great coaches and .
             people. Another important thing I learned from the first chapter was stated on page 69 .
             and it was said by Confucius who stated "Choose work you love and you will never have .
             to work a day in your life". When I hear this statement I ca relate to it because I love .
             sports that's all I do for 24 hours a day and now I have the opportunity to work and make .
             money doing it I think that is the greatest thing in the world. To me the first chapter is .
             very vital to a coach who is learning because it teaches a lot of fundamentals the need to .
             be learned. A few other important parts to this chapter were in Coaching you want to win .
             but winning isn"t everything as don Shula states "Success isn"t forever and failure isn"t .
             fatal". This is key you do want to win every game but you have to always expect a .

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