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Being A Sports Agent

             Being a sports agent is a vigorous job, one that never stops. To be a successful agent you must be fully committed to your clients and be reachable 24 hours a day seven days a week. A career as a sports agent is a growing trend and is one of the most competitive cut-throat businesses today. Many sports agents are ruthless in their negotiations and stop at nothing to provide the absolute best for the professional athletes they represent. Trust is one of the biggest characteristics a sports agent must possess. For an athlete to trust a man with all of his millions of dollars that athlete must fully trust the agent. There are many aspects of being a sports agent. Most agents work for an agency that carries many clients. These agents are selling the company to the athlete as well as selling themselves and making a personal connection and forming a close bond.
             Financial success is one of the things that draw people into this profession. Although, there is money to be made, in the business to really make it worth your while you must dedicate your life to the business. In representing professional athletes you must play the role of friend but also as confidant. Many players need legal advice and help with their taxes; this is all part of the job. Over the past few years, sports agents have increased in the professional sports market, so sports agents are in high demand. The increased growth of athletics, sport participation by all segments of society, and sport-related businesses has created a need for individuals trained in sport management (Wuest 511). Sports agents usually rely on scouting reports that are published throughout the nation to begin their recruiting process (Sports Agent 1). Some sports agents such as .
             Leigh Steinberg insist his athletes plug some of their dollars into charities in meaningful ways; Steve Young and Drew Bledsoe of the NFL have funneled more than 2 million .

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