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            The way my life is shows everything that I value, everything that I"m interested in, my dreams, and all the skills that I have. All this represents who I am and why I act the way I act.
             I value almost anything about my life. Valuing life brings you much more happiness. Education has to be one of the greatest values you have in the world. Without education you will probably not succeed in life, and if you do, then you either won the lottery, or robbed a bank. To me the greatest value is your family and friends. Family will always believe in you on an idea you have or any dreams you have. This can really build up someone's confidence.
             Dreams represent almost the whole personality of you. As a young kid, I dreamed of being a big superstar athlete, but those were distant dreams. Now, I dream of being a sports agent. Representing all those athletes would bring me joy and money. If I end up not making it as an athlete then I would try to be something else that has to deal with sports. So I need to keep dreaming, and reach for them.
             Having interests keeps you from being bored in life. Baseball, basketball, and football help me stay sane. Video games keep you from reading and boring yourself to death. That is what technology has done for us, it has kept us from reading by buying there products and then getting hooked on to them. But the greatest thing about having interest is talking about them to someone with similar interests. This makes you seem that you"re not a loser because someone else is interested in it and not just you.
             Although, the most important part in life is your skills. These will help you in life so much more than dreaming, because people can dream and not accomplish that dream. I have excellent skills in math, so this will help me become a sports agent. Also, I am a people person and making deals is an important part in sports agency. My skills will help me out in life for as long as I need them.

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