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Running the Race of My Life

            I moved from place to place a lot when I was a kid, and when I was thirteen, my parents decided to have me pack up again and move to South Korea to study for a year. It was the first time I had gone to another country in order to better my education, and it was this experience that gave me the tools I needed to live my life with courage and self-confidence. The first semester of school, I didn't have any friends; it was tough for me to take the steps necessary to meet new people - especially my peers. Part of this battle was At that time, I could only understand a little of the language, nobody wanted to be friends with me, I was by myself all the time. I felt like I was a stranger to my classmates. I used to be very talkative and active, but somehow I felt my personality had changed. I became very timid and insecure, and afraid to communicate with other people. All I thought about each day is going back home, until one day. It was the sports day for my school. We had it once a year. On this day, everyone in the class needed to participle in a less one sport to compete with other classes. I didn't want to participle in any sport, but I knew I'm always good with running. I was afraid that I couldn't do a good job and don't want to become a joke for others to laugh at. Every classmate wrote their name on the blackboard except me. Some classmate turned their head looked at me, I felt a little embarrassing but I still didn't do anything. .
             The race was about to start, everybody stand on the sides of the race and are ready to watch the game also to cheer for their class. Sudden, we heard some noises come from the players, and we saw one player back out from the race. A referee came to us and told our teacher that is our player who got spasm on her leg, because she was too nervous, so she couldn't run the race, and we needed another player. The teacher looked at us, after a few seconds, I step up.

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