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Concept of Race

            The concept of race being more cultural than biological can be linked with history and the conquering quests of Western Europe. Over time as Western Europe began expanding they became the dominant and superior group. When the Europeans started colonizing the United States there was a desperate need to increase manual labor to work fields and create a secondary food supply. .
             With a food supply shortage and poor living conditions slavery was introduced as a means to solve the problems. Unable to use Native Americans as slaves, they instead imported black people from Africa. Slavery was the answer to reduce the horrid conditions that early settlers were suffering from and to improve the lives of these settlers. As time went on, slavery progressed into a business, which grew in popularity due to economic reasoning and the huge profit margins. It would only cost a person about $12.00 to sustain one slave, while they profit as much as $300.00. .
             White people adopted a feeling of superiority over black people, and racial distinctions were the primary focus, which categorized a person. The racial distinctions used were facial features, skin color, and hair. These distinctions over time were not viewed as dominant traits and in had negative implications. . .
             Black servants were treated more harshly than white servants. Plantation owners were also fearful of white servants interacting with black servants. Black slaves were labeled as non-human and it was believed that they could endure more pain than white people. This led to more psychological and physiological effects where slaves were led to believe that they were less human than white people. .
             As time progressed, little had changed for the slaves since they were still seen as beast-like and non-human. White people created a false belief that they were biologically different from black people. This behavior can be attributed to a learned pattern that was taught and accepted because black people were seen as a threat.

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