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Concepts of Social Construction

            The concepts of "social construction" and "intersectionality" are exceptionally crucial in the field of women's and gender studies. Social constructions of gender and race and intersectionality have a tremendous impact on all institutions throughout the world. These concepts contribute a lot of knowledge in order to spread the word on the oppression of gender and race. There are many extraordinary people who developed these concepts into amazing ways of helping the world understand women's and gender studies. Some of these people include Judith Lorber who wrote the article "The Social Construction of Gender", Lopez who wrote the article "The Social Construction of Race", Carole Vance who wrote the article "Social Construction Theory", and Crenshaw's "Mapping the Margins". .
             Defining intersectionality is a key concept in knowing why it is so crucial to women's and gender studies. The way that I would describe intersectionality would be how institutions such as race, gender, and class contributes to how one is identified and to understand the oppressive inequalities that institutions of women may experience. One of the main issues of the intersectionality theory is understanding that women experience oppression in many different degrees in many different ways. We can come to conclude that women could potentially experience oppression in their lives, gender, race, and class should never be one of those oppressions held against them. Crenshaw illustrates three fundamental concepts of intersectionailty. Structural, political, and representational intersectionailty are the three concepts she thought were critical to understand. .
             Structural intersectionality is approach that women of color at the expense of race could differentiate their experience of domestic rape and remedial reform from that of white women. Sadly, a large number of immigrant women are being beaten by their spouses and are in major fear of reporting it due to their possible deportation.

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