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Education Psychology - Classroom Critique

            Highlight key issues from the scenario that relate to Piaget's developmental theory and personal constructivism. Consider how elements of Carol's approach become teacher centered. Discuss the strengths, limitations and implications of Carol's pedagogy in her attempt to teach the concept of scale. Identify aspects of the learning experiences that could be improved by drawing upon relevant theory to substantiate these recommendations.
             The learning experiences and teacher-centered approach can be exhibited in Scenario Integrating Mathematics and Human Society and Its Environment'. They both relate principally around Piaget's developmental theory and personal constructivism. This essay will define the concept of constructivism and consider the important elements of Carol's teacher centered approach. The exploration of Carol's pedagogy in teaching the concept of scale to her class will also be outlined by elements from the scenario. This essay will consider the strengths, limitations and implications in relation to Carol's teaching method. Insightful theory will then be drawn upon to substantiate recommendations for beneficial learning experiences for both the teacher and learners.
             First and foremost, Piaget's developmental learning and constructivism is based around individual learner's discovery. His theory describes how learners develop their own personal cognitive abilities. The learner is the central part to the learning process in Piaget's psychological individual constructivism (Woolfolk & Margetts, 2013). It has a main emphasis on the learner's active role to construct knowledge and develop an understanding that is meaningful to them (Taber, 2013). Cognitive constructivism is based on the ideas of how learners develop their own learning abilities (Krause, Bochner, Duchesne & McMaugh, 2010). The first being the idea that learners learn by constructing new knowledge that is meaningful to them.

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