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The Moment that Changed My Life

            Like every family, my family has always had ups and downs, happiness and sorrow. My family has always been united and a whole. Unlike other unfortunate children, my parents are together and have always shown me appreciation. My parents have always been very traditional and have taught me manners and how to be talented and educated children. My mom has always been home for me when I need her. She has always been less strict and firm than my dad, but she still demands respect. Both my mom and dad have given me full trust in return for my respect and behavior.
             But I was not prepared to receive such news, it was the beginning of 2005 and my father seeing that my mother was for several days complaining about a pain in the belly, they both decided to go to the hospital and ask a medical opinion of what could be that pain. On the day that they went, my parents left early, and I was home alone despite my young age, only 10 years old, I knew how to take care of myself. I awoke up and since it was a Saturday, I didn't had school, so I ate breakfast relaxed, I turned on the television and started playing my video game, hours passed and nothing of my parents arrive, my anxiety grew, did not even see clearly the image that skirt from that small and old TV,quite old with the ones we have today. I remember like it was today, feeling tired of play, I laid on the bed and started thinking, "will my mom suffering from a disease?" hoping that it was nothing and when you think this sort of thing, several images begin to move into your head, the better and the worse complicated situations, suddenly you imagine your life without your mother, and it makes you very sad. To forget these thoughts I decided to look out the window of my parent's room and saw that the day was quite cold; the street was covered with snow, with too few people walking down the street. Shortly after that, my parents finally arrived, I saw a weird face of my father, not a worried face but like someone that just received a big surprise news, I was eager to know, my mother sat on the bed, my father did the same, I didn't want to take a seat.

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