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A Moment in My Life

            It was a dark cloudy time period in my life, which I was headed, in the wrong direction. It was an ordinary Wednesday and we had had an assembly during first period. At that moment I wasn't considering the assembly being important. A lady by the name of Ms. Angulo was there and she was addressing about a school named Clark Magnet High School. At that moment I realized how important this assembly was and I wanted to go to that school. All my friends at that time were saying it was a stupid school but I knew I wanted to go there to change my life around. I was taking the wrong path in life and I realized that if I go to this school it could all change.
             It was the year 1999 and my life was headed in a downward spiral. I was an eight grader attending Toll Middle School. I would get into fights on a consistent basis and I was hanging around with the wrong crowd. Many of my friends were bad influences and I realized I was taking the wrong path in life. I was racist towards other ethnicities and always got into fight with them. My grades were suffering tremendously and my parents realized I had to change my surroundings. I signed a paper to go to a school called Clark Magnet High School. None of my friends were going to attend that school and I realized this was the time period to get away from my troubles. After three years of attending Clark Magnet High School my life has totally changed in a good perspective. I have new friends and I'm doing well at school and my life is back together. By making the decision to go to Clark Magnet High School it changed my life and I could also say it saved my life.
             Before attending Toll Middle School I was friends with everyone I knew and rarely got into fights or trouble at school. During 7th and 8th grade I started hanging around people I new were bad influences and I considered them my friends. I would always ditch school with them and get into fights with other people because of them.

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