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My Most Embarassing Moment

            The most embarrassing moment in my life happened when I worked as a projectionist at the movie theater on Ft. Benning . I never liked using public bathrooms unless it was an absolute must. For some strange reason, I felt there were certain things you should only do in the comfort of your own home. This particular day at work I learned the comfort of your own home would not remain in my vocabulary for too long. .
             My day at work started as usual with my preparing all ten movie projectors for the first shows. Once the theater opened and the movies were started, I had about one and a half-hour of down time. During that time I would help my coworkers in the concession stands or read. This particular day I was asked to go to Burger King for the theater manager; in return for going to Burger King, he gave me extra money to get myself a meal also. Normally, I would not eat from Burger King, but because the food was free, I ate from that fast food restaurant that day. .
             By the time I had arrived back at the theater it was time for me to start preparing the film projectors for the next showing. While preparing the projectors, I was eating on my cold, yet satisfying, food. After the second shows had started, my stomach began to feel queasy. Knowing my philosophy on the use of public restrooms, I decided to hold my urge for two more hours. In two more hours I would have been off from work and in the comfort of my own home where I would have been able to free my mind, body and soul. I had just two more hours to go.
             With thirty minutes remaining on my shift and half the film projectors ready to start, I suddenly dropped my restroom philosophy and rushed downstairs to the women's restroom. The queasy feeling in my stomach had become a raging tornado. As I assumed the hike position over one of the lady's restroom toilets, two women walked into my new-found haven. They did their peace and left.

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