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My So Called Life

             It looks good from far away, but when u look at it closely it's a whole bunch of swipes here and there to form my so called life. It's like a color scheme that doesnt exactly fit in to place causing the over all picture to look even worse then when you look your fist glance. Metaphorically speaking, this is the way i look at my life. To me, my life doesnt seem that bad until those nights where you just cant fall asleep and you sit up thinking and breaking down what has made you who you are and how you got there. .
             Life. What does it consist of? What is it? How should it be? All these questions are frequetly asked, however only we can answer them for ourselves. When we first begin our life, it starts with your parents providing a sheltered life for you. It is about having family to rely on and people helping you grow to learn right from wrong. As we get older life is about learning from mistakes and going out into the world to live and understanding who you are as a person. When you become an aduly life is about teaching the generation behind you what you have learned through your experiences. Most importanly. life is about having people throughout this whole process that can be there to guide you and help you through.
             When i was younger, my life started out in complete chaos. My mom a drug addict and my dad nowhere to be found. I can still remember the nights that i would wake up cryin for my mother. Every night i woke up to the same response, NOTHING. i was left home alone at the age of two. Moving from hotel to hotel every week becaue my mom could not afford to live any other way. Her drug habits took the best of her. i choose to believe that if my mom were clean she would have been a better person. But back then i can't exactly remember how i felt, all i remember is being afraid and always crying. .
             At the age of three , after fallin out a two story building window and my mom leavin me at my dads and never coming back, the courts granted my dad full custody of me.

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